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The Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with a B2B Customer Data Platform

As data becomes ever more critical to B2B marketing, industry studies show marketers today are using 50% more data sources than they were just 2 years ago.

That might sound like a lot - but clearly, it's not enough: just 30% of marketers were completely satisfied with their abilities to actually use customer date effectively. Even fewer felt they could use it specifically to create a single, shared customer view.

In short: B2B marketers are still struggling to use customer data to create meaningful experiences and engagements in the way B2C marketers have been doing for several years now.

Consumer marketers, with longer experience managing customer data in a more complex environment, realized several years ago that they needed a specialized system to assemble and activate their customer data. These systems, called Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), are designed specifically for this purpose. B2B marketers have recently taken note and begun to adopt CDPs for their own needs.

In this paper, we explore how CDPs may just be the answer us B2B marketers are looking for.

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