You're Saved! How to Stop Drowning in Data Drudgery (Webinar)

March 18, 2019

B2B marketers today are drowning in a sea of bad data with no life raft in sight. Damon Asmis, the Sr. Manager of Symantec’s Global Demand Center, went in search for a solution -- a single source of truth for their data that would improve marketing and sales performance.

Damon worked closely with the data experts at Leadspace, B2B Customer Data Platform to successfully validate, enrich and segment their database, resulting in significant improvements to marketing and sales efficiency.

Join Symantec’s Damon Asmis alongside Amish Sheth, VP of Enrichment at Leadspace on March 27 at 10AM PST / 1 PM PST for a live discussion on exactly how Symantec was able to:

  • Enrich and validate millions of records
  • Use AI to build segmentation and personas
  • Automate lead prioritization and qualification
  • Run highly personalized marketing campaigns

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