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Leadspace B2B Customer Data Platform - Overview

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LEADSPACE B2B CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM | 1 Leadspace B2B Customer Data Platform The Power to be Customer-Obsessed Leadspace CDP combines comprehensive Data Management capabilities and unrivaled 3rd-party data coverage, with industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI)— giving you the data and intelligence to truly understand your customers, drive personalized Marketing and Sales engagement, and grow your business faster. Our Activation products provide a simple, straightforward way to integrate Leadspace CDP into your existing Sales and Marketing channels, as well as to visualize, analyze and optimize your data and scoring models on-demand. LEADSPACE CUSTOMERS SEE INCREDIBLE RESULTS: • 3x more sales opportunities created • Reactivated 200,000 leads in their database • 60% higher email open rates • Faster sales cycles • 55% higher win rate • 25% increase in pipeline quality • 20% more MQLs • 20% better sales connect rates YOUR FIRST PARTY DATA THIRD PARTY DATA BUYER INTENT CRM MARKETING AUTOMATION DIGITAL ADS WEB ANALYTICS ADDITIONAL DATA SOURCES WEBSITE FORMS LEADSPACE ON DEMAND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DATA MANAGEMENT

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