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Leadspace B2B Customer Data Platform - Overview

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LEADSPACE B2B CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM | 1 Leadspace B2B Customer Data Platform The Power to be Customer-Obsessed Leadspace CDP combines comprehensive Data Management capabilities and unrivaled 3rd-party data coverage, with industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI)— giving you the data and intelligence to truly understand your customers, drive personalized Marketing and Sales engagement, and grow your business faster. Our Activation products provide a simple, straightforward way to integrate Leadspace CDP into your existing Sales and Marketing channels, as well as to visualize, analyze and optimize your data and scoring models on-demand. LEADSPACE CUSTOMERS SEE INCREDIBLE RESULTS: • 3x more sales opportunities created • Reactivated 200,000 leads in their database • 60% higher email open rates • Faster sales cycles • 55% higher win rate • 25% increase in pipeline quality • 20% more MQLs • 20% better sales connect rates

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