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How Spigit Doubled Lead Conversion Rates, in Half the Time

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20% more Marketing Qualified Leads 20% increase in contact connect rate for Sales CASE STUDY N3 Increases MQLs & Sales Connect Rates by 20% with Single Source of Truth for Data Results The Customer Spigit is the market leader of innovation management for the enterprise with customers that include Fortune 500 companies across major industries. As the largest provider of innovation management software, Spigit enables companies to tap into the collective intelligence of their crowds of employees, partners or customers to source innovative ideas to identify new markets, products and services and to optimize their processes. The Challenge Prior to working with Leadspace, Spigit had good inbound lead volume, but many leads did not fit their ideal buyer or account profile. This led to lots of unqualified inbound leads in the system, sales team inefficiency, low conversion rates, and slow conversion velocity. The Solution Spigit wanted to optimize their marketing and sales operations to focus on qualified leads at key accounts. To solve their challenges, Spigit turned to Leadspace, focusing on data enrichment and lead-to-account matching—key ABM functions. Leadspace enriched existing and inbound leads with 80+ highly-actionable data fields, including highly granular information like job function, installed technologies and expertise. This rich information enabled Spigit to quickly understand and filter leads. With Leadspace enrichment in place to identify highly qualified leads, Spigit's lead conversion (measured in terms of lead to sales-accepted-lead) increased 2x. "We are no longer judged by the quantity of leads but the quality of leads," says Neil Schulman, Sales Operations Manager at Spigit. "It is important that I send my sales team the best quality leads possible." 100% increase in lead conversion (inbound to SAL) 54% decrease in time to convert (conversion velocity) CASE STUDY Spigit Doubles Lead Conversion Rate, Halves Time to Convert Leads Results

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