The Evolution of the Predictive B2B Marketing Analytics Space

Gartner -- I’ve been covering the market for B2B predictive marketing analytics for almost four years. A few years ago, predictive lead scoring was all the rage. Then it became about fit and intent models for demand generation and prospecting. Then these tools were used for selecting accounts for large-scale ABM programs. But in the end, the standalone market for these applications never fully reached its potential. Many of the original vendors got acquired for their technology (Fliptop, SalesPredict, Infer and others) and predictive scoring became a standard feature of marketing automation and SFA systems.

Just because the standalone market went away, doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of value here. In fact, the solutions have essentially moved into two other markets (and you’ll see this reflected in our upcoming Hype Cycle reports). On one end, you have the Data Intelligence for Sales market where predictive and AI-driven solutions are competing with traditional data vendors for demand gen, prospecting, and segmentation use cases. On the other end, you have the broader ABM solutions market where these applications not only help with account selection and planning, but are moving towards engagement and orchestration.

Two recent M&A transactions are prime examples of what’s happening. One is the today’s announcement of the merger between Radius and Leadspace. (See more on the announcement here).  The new entity will assume the Radius name with former Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher taking over the CEO spot at Radius.

Both vendors have been very active in the Data Intelligence for Sales space as of late, with both winning sizable deals against some of the larger and more well-known vendors that use human validation rather than AI and machine learning to gather and verify company and contact information.

The combination of the two them is interesting because of the complementary nature of the solutions. Radius has a unique network data model (called the Network of Record), expertise in working with companies (especially those outside of high tech) targeting SMB buyers (although they had more recently won deals with customers targeting enterprise buyers) and rich company data. Leadspace has a European presence, robust data around individuals within enterprises, and a strong foothold with customers selling to enterprises (especially in high-tech). They also bring a highly respected Israeli-based data science team to the deal.

The combined company is still smaller many other vendors in the Data Intelligence for Sales market, including Dun & Bradstreet and DiscoverOrg (which includes RainKing), but they have a compelling value proposition. With the launch of Radius Advertiser in 2017, Radius is also moving more squarely into the ABM market and may eventually compete with more traditional ABM vendors. The integration of Radius and Leadspace is likely to consume a lot of energy in the short run, but some of the Leadspace capabilities could be helpful down the line for the ABM use cases as well.

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