Leadspace Introduces AI-Powered B2B Audience Management Platform

B2B Audience Management Platform

B2B Audience Management Platform

MarTech Series -- To help marketers crack the puzzle of engaging B2B customers more effectively, Leadspace announced the launch of world’s first B2B Audience Management Platform in the martech industry. The Audience Management Platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to derive meaningful insights on how to engage customers and prospects for effective conversion. The AI platform combines the power of Audience Discovery, Data Management, and Predictive Modeling within the single technology solution.

We’ve built a smart platform that gives marketers a complete picture of the people and companies to whom they’re marketing.” – Doug Bewsher, Leadspace CEO

Bewsher adds, “It integrates data from a swath of sources that is constantly updated in real time to deliver ‘a single source of truth’, so marketers have a clear, consistent view across internal and external data.”

Earlier, Leadspace announced big updates in B2B predictive intelligence and data management technology space at the Dreamforce 2016. Leadspace is also the first predictive analytics platform to predictive scoring and intelligence inside Salesforce dashboard.

Powered by AI pilots, Salesforce customers can leverage Leadspace Virtual Data Management Platform to build B2B marketing campaigns based on Total Addressable Market (TAM) analytics with accurate ROI forecasts for the future.


Leadspace customers can see every aspect of B2B engagement based on behavioral patterns and inquiries, matched with their executive roles within the organization.

Leadspace- Persona

Leadspace - Persona


B2B Commerce industry is set to hit $12 trillion in sales revenue by 2020, up from a rather modest figure of $5.5 trillion in 2012. The major contributing factor in achieving this number certainly comes from the pressure industry leaders are putting on the CMOs to invest in marketing technologies and online platforms.

Despite the significant adoption of martech in B2B Commerce, marketers are yet to see significant ROI from their efforts, mostly due to B2C expectations that CMOs have from martech their vendors. Of course, Account-Based Marketing is the most sought-after technology for B2B marketers today—but it still needs an able ally in the martech stack—something that delivers an unmatched experience to B2B customers.

“80% of companies implementing B2B eCommerce believe that their customer expectations have changed due to B2C practices.”


The Leadspace Audience Management Platform enables B2B Marketers to find and know their audiences – whether currently in their databases or not. It empowers marketers with the data, intelligence and analytics they need on a single platform so they can understand their customers and grow their pipeline and sales.

2013 B2B Commerce Trends- Oracle Customer Experience

B2B Commerce Trends - Oracle Customer Experience

The Audience Management Platform for B2B marketing by Leadspace took successful test runs with some of the leading names in the martech industry. For example, Microsoft generated 1.5x more Marketing Qualified Leads, 1.5x more lead engagement and 2x increase in lead conversion using Leadspace AMP.

Oracle Customer Experience

Oracle Customer Experience

“With Leadspace, we have seen significant improvements and engagement, supporting our SiruisDecisions ROI award.” – Charles Eichenbaum, Director Marketing Technologies & Operations at Microsoft


The new Leadspace Audience Management Platform is built to significantly improve the scale and quality of data available, make recommendations and prioritize the most effective marketing actions, and find net new audiences to engage, at the account, buying center and individual level.

2013 B2B Commerce Trends- Oracle Customer Experience

2013 B2B Commerce Trends - Oracle

Leadspace provides B2B marketers with a clear and comprehensive picture of their audiences along with the capacity to execute campaigns easily across all channels.

Featuring audience discovery, audience data management, and audience modeling, the new Leadspace platform combines first-party data with third-party data from more than 40 sources, uses advanced predictive modeling and AI to enrich data in real time, and serves it in a simple, easy-to-use dashboard. The dashboard reveals new leads — industries, companies, and people most likely to buy.

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