Why Leadspace and Radius are Joining Forces

April 30, 2018 Doug Bewsher

Today we announced that we will be merging with Radius to create the clear leader in the Data Intelligence market for B2B Sales and Marketing.

In the four years I have been at Leadspace, and the 8 years since Amnon Mishor founded the company, we have been on a mission to provide B2B companies with the data, intelligence and tools to better find, engage and connect with their potential prospects and customers — and not rely on old-fashioned methods like collecting business cards at trade shows.

We are proud of the breadth of customers we have been able to serve — such as in technology, with now 7 out of the top 10 enterprise technology companies as clients, as well as business services, and many other industries — where getting to know the company, and often more importantly the specific group of buyer personas, is key to a successful engagement and relationship. We have also set the data intelligence foundation for many of the ABM engagement strategies that are now starting to appear.

At the same time Radius has also shared and pioneered a similar vision – but with a slightly different focus. Radius has built on an unrivalled understanding of small and mid-sized businesses, a location graph for businesses, and developed the The Network of Record as a unique, hugely valuable data source, and created a broad set of end user applications. They have amassed an outstanding roster of clients such as American Express, Sam’s Club, Discover and others with their offering, especially among companies looking to sell to the wider set of U.S. smaller businesses.

Together, we have built the two largest and most successful companies in the Data Intelligence space, with over 200 of the best B2B brands as customers. So when we started discussing with Radius the idea of coming together, the potential opportunity was very clear. Together we provide a complete end-to-end data intelligence platform, driven by AI, which can offer relevant analytics and insights, all integrated into customer engagement systems such as CRM and MAP. Radius founder, Darian Shirazi, and I share the same vision as Darian outlined in his blog post on the merger here.

While there will be many benefits to come as we bring these two platforms together, first and foremost we want to make sure we support our existing customers as we do today. There will be no immediate changes to either platform, but over time we will integrate our offerings. We will remain based in San Francisco, Denver and Israel. And the new company will operate under the Radius brand once we close in the coming months.

I could not be more excited about the future as we come together, and look forward to building a company that can enable our customers to create more relevant, engaging and valuable experiences everyday.

For more information on this exciting next step in our journey, click here or below:

Why Leadspace and Radius are joining forces

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