Leadspace Launches New AI Tools for B2B Marketing in Salesforce

October 30, 2016 Ari Soffer

While Dreamforce 2016 attendees await this afternoon’s Salesforce Einstein keynote, Leadspace, the B2B predictive analytics and data management choice of seven of the 10 leading enterprise software companies, announced three new features to integrate the power of artificial intelligence into Salesforce for B2B marketers.

Leadspace is the First Predictive Analytics Platform to Provide Predictive Scores and Intelligence Inside a Salesforce Panel

For years, predictive vendors have appended numbers (scores) to lead, contact, and account records. But those scores are often meaningless to the sales reps using Salesforce to target and engage with customers. Today, Leadspace becomes the only vendor to add predictive scores and intelligence directly into a Salesforce panel, so sales reps can understand, use and trust the information.

Salesforce CRM users will instantly see the predictive score of every lead, contact and account in their CRM, plus the predictive signals contributing to the score to help them understand the score’s basis and value. And they will see enriched information about the person and company to help them connect and engage more effectively.

For example, instead of seeing only that a prospect has a title related to human resources, and the name of the company they work for, a rep will see the prospect’s specific job functions (like onboarding, recruiting, talent development or training), what technologies the person uses daily, complete firmographic information on the company and its corporate hierarchy and whether the prospect works at headquarters or a regional site.

Plus, the record includes the prospect’s picture and professional activity feed gathered from social media sites and the Web. All of this data and intelligence come together in one Salesforce panel, equipping sales reps to have better, more targeted, effective conversations. Plus, the new Leadspace panel is highly interactive, with direct links to lead and account social profiles, the ability to “click to copy” contact information, as well as update contact records directly in Salesforce when Leadspace finds the information has changed.

Site-Level Matching Lets Sales Teams See Instantly Where a Prospect Fits into the Company Decision-Making Hierarchy, by Location and Company Structure

Traditional CRM records make no distinction between an executive at an enterprise company headquarters, and a counterpart in a subsidiary division located in an office a thousand miles away. Sales reps frequently waste time trying to reach a prospect with the right title in the wrong office, only to learn that buying decisions are made at HQ.

Leadspace Site-Level Matching uses the data in the Leadspace Virtual Data Management Platform with advanced AI-driven semantic understanding to give a clear view of who a prospect is, their job functions beyond just their title, and insight into where they sit in the company’s decision-making hierarchy. Once again, all this information is available inside the Salesforce panel, preventing wasted time and effort by sales teams.

Leadspace Total Addressable Market (TAM) Analysis Uses the Power of AI-Driven Predictive Analytics to Find and Validate New Markets

Before any smart company starts a new product line or investigates a new sales territory, they perform a Total Addressable Market (TAM) analysis to forecast the potential ROI of that venture. Typically, TAM analyses have been performed with a hodgepodge of outdated research from directories, trade associations and government organizations. Leadspace brings the power of artificial intelligence to TAM analysis, valuing new markets with the same predictive methods used to find ideal prospects.

Using a company’s historical sales data, combined with firmographic, demographic and industry information from across the Web, aggregated by the Leadspace Virtual Data Management Platform, Leadspace’s advanced AI-driven predictive algorithms identify potential new markets for products and services, and predict the total dollar value of those markets. Leadspace TAM Analysis gives companies the tools to find new markets and validate their potential for success before spending money, time and effort.

“These new features bring the power of artificial intelligence to solving key issues faced by B2B sales and marketing teams,” said Leadspace VP of Product Travis Kaufman. “Because they are integrated into Salesforce, marketers can collaborate with their sales counterparts, define the right target accounts and deliver qualified leads within those accounts in a way that aligns with how their sales teams work.”

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