Leadspace Launches Leadspace for Ads, Leveraging Leading B2B CDP for Highly Targeted, Personalized & Impactful Digital Customer Experience

March 25, 2019

- New product gives B2B marketers the ability to create highly-targeted, personalized digital ad campaigns

- Industry-leading CDP combines broadest set of 1st party, 3rd party and Intent data to generate a single customer profile, recommend target actions, and activate across engagement channels.


Leadspace, the leading B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP), announced Monday the launch of Leadspace for Advertising, which enables B2B marketers to execute highly-targeted digital ad campaigns that consistently drive pipeline and awareness, and improve the ROI of their digital advertising efforts.

Leadspace for Ads offers customers access to the broadest range of digital ad platforms, in partnership with LiveRamp. In addition, customers can advertise on leading social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook from Leadspace natively.

“Today’s B2B buyer expects a relevant, personalized user experience online, similar to what they are used to on consumer platforms like Amazon or Google,” said Nick Panayi, VP Brand, Digital and Demand Marketing at DXC Technology. “Leadspace for Ads is an exciting opportunity for B2B marketers, because it brings a B2C-level of personalization that’s been lacking in the B2B arena. This new capability will allow marketers to develop omni-channel campaigns that deliver a cohesive and highly personalized customer experience.”

Leadspace for Ads takes B2B ad personalization to a new level, by leveraging Leadspace’s proprietary Persona Scores to reach precisely those individuals you want to engage with your ads. Rather than focus on a handful of superficial data fields like job title or industry, Leadspace Persona Scores use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to combine a vast range of customer data fields - including install-based technologies, job responsibilities and firmographics - into customized, highly-personalized ideal buyer personas.

“B2B marketers are increasingly looking beyond traditional channels so they can be seen wherever their buyers are looking,” said David Raab, Founder of the CDP Institute. “Leadspace’s latest announcement will make it easier for them to do this while gaining the benefit of precise targeting that comes with Leadspace’s CDP.”

Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher expanded: “For years, B2B marketers struggled to get real value out of their digital advertising spend, but the lack of targeting at the persona level made most advertising ineffective.

“Leadspace for Ads changes this equation. B2B marketers can now use Leadspace Customer Data Platform to create custom audiences based on their target buyer personas, within target, surging accounts, leading to significant increase in the performance of their advertising campaigns.”


Customers use Leadspace CDP to identify their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), leveraging Leadspace’s combination of unrivaled 3rd-party data coverage and AI modeling capabilities to reveal the hidden attributes which comprise the “DNA” of their best customers. Marketers can then create Lookalike audiences based upon ICP key attributes and custom personas, and then activate through Leadspace for Ads to segment and target their audiences with personalized ads across multiple digital advertising platforms.

Leadspace Analytics provides insight into how your audiences match across each platform, while closed-loop feedback allows Leadspace to analyze each audience’s performance over time - so you can continuously optimize your campaigns.

“We have already had great success offering curated audiences in 3rd party ad platforms such as BlueKai over the last 2 years,” stated Leadspace Founder and CTO Amnon Mishor. “The combination of activation across sales, marketing campaigns and advertising with a unified view of the customer generates not only stronger response rates but also a much more aligned, integrated customer experience.”


Leadspace for Advertising is the latest in a series of products and activation tools released by Leadspace over the last several months, to enable customers to leverage Leadspace’s best-in-class B2B CDP across all Sales and Marketing channels. Other integrations include Leadspace for Salesforce and Leadspace for Marketing Automation.

About Leadspace: 
Leadspace is the first AI-driven Customer Data Platform (CDP) for B2B.

Leadspace gives B2B Sales and Marketing teams a single, complete source of truth about their customers and prospects so they can focus on growing sales faster through more engaging, relevant interactions, instead of spending inordinate amounts of time managing data.

Leadspace was rated as a leader by Forrester in 2018; has over 130 customers, including leading B2B brands such as Marketo, HP, RingCentral and Microsoft; and is based in San Francisco, Denver and Israel.

For more information visit http://www.leadspace.com

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