Leadspace Announces Summer 2019 Release Including General Availability of Leadspace On-Demand and SmartForms

The latest product release from Leadspace includes wide-ranging enhancements for data management, AI modeling and scoring, and activations into website technology, Salesforce, and Pardot.

Leadspace, the leading intelligent B2B customer data platform (CDP), announced details of its Summer product release including multiple additions and improvements. Chief among these, as announced earlier in the Spring, is the Leadspace On-Demand user application, which is now generally available for customers.

Leadspace On-Demand includes the ability to quickly view details on the segments you’ve built with the Leadspace CDP, and see how they’re activated across channels. The app also allows customers to explore visualizations of their data to uncover ideal customer profiles and new segments to target. Data Health Reports show overall data health in real-time, and where the CDP is helping improve the data. There’s also a utility for creating new segments with look-alike modeling that includes companies and personas who resemble your best customers.

The Leadspace team is particularly excited to share Leadspace On-Demand with customers. CTO and Founder, Amnon Mishor said, “With Leadspace On-Demand we are significantly expanding the ways our clients can tap into the data & AI on our platform with more self-service tools, in a very easy-to-use interface. We envision this being a critical component to help transform the way B2B marketing and sales teams think about their data.”

To help customers activate data from the Leadspace CDP even faster and more efficiently, the company is officially announcing the SmartForms product as part of the Leadspace portfolio. This unique and well-proven product came with the ReachForce acquisition, and enables customers to improve inbound lead form conversions, while also improving lead data quality. This, in turn, results in valuable downstream improvements in lead scoring, routing, and sales team prioritization and productivity.

Also in the Summer release, the Leadspace team has added features to their Leadspace for Salesforce app, that helps customers integrate, enrich, and manage their data in the popular CRM platform. Now, customers will be able to schedule periodic syncs of their data, between the Leadspace CDP and Salesforce, on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly cadence. Customers have found Leadspace for Salesforce especially useful to enable sales and marketing planning and segmentation for campaigns and outreach. As many former Data.com customers prepare to transition to another solution for their CRM data management needs, the Leadspace app — with the most robust and open B2B data engine on the planet — is a preferred option.

The Summer release also includes a new integration to Pardot, the Salesforce-owned B2B marketing automation platform. The integration will enable enrichment on the Prospect object in Pardot, with Leadspace’s deep, unmatched B2B data and intelligence to fuel better, more targeted campaigns and nurture programs. This latest integration adds to the Leadspace for Marketing Automation offering which connects the CDP to leading platforms, including Marketo, Eloqua and HubSpot.


Last but not least, Leadspace continues to expand its unrivaled 3rd-party B2B data coverage, with new types of data and intelligence to power more effective marketing and sales engagements. New data and intelligence fields include company rankings, exact revenue and size figures, and platform features like phone format validations and improvements in the ability to ingest custom data types.


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