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Getting Started with ABM: How to Fix Your Data Before It Kills Your Campaigns

September 13, 2016
As a marketer, you know your Account-Based Marketing campaigns can't succeed unless your data is accurate—but more important, your data needs to include insights into the individuals who make up your target accounts, beyond just their titles or the companies they work for. Getting your CRM in order for ABM isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. In this webinar, Jeffrey L. Cohen of Oracle Marketing Cloud and David B. Thomas of Leadspace will lay out the data problems B2B marketers face, and offer practical, proven solutions to address them. You’ll learn: Why more than 50 percent of the data in your CRM probably won’t work for ABM What data you really need to reach decision makers—and how to get it Why you may be ignoring qualified leads already in your CRM without knowing it How to evaluate data sources to know if you’re getting what you pay for

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